About Snazzy

About Snazzy Media Group Inc.

Snazzy enables celebrity fans to connect directly with each other anywhere in the world for the very first time.

The Snazzy app has fabulous new features including the very latest News Feed on your favourite celeb, which delivers up to the minute celeb news and fashion stories for each individual user.

Snazzy users can either choose worldwide celeb stories, or select by country, or even by choosing your ‘Fave’ celebs from the choice bar, then getting the top fashion & news stories sent direct to your mobile device dynamically as they happen, so you never miss a thing going on in the celebrity world.

Snazzy is a Celebrity Fan messaging application that can be used by celeb fans to share pictures, celeb gossip and fashion details to other fans of the same celebrity anywhere in any country, NOT limited just to your local friends group. Its Artificial Intelligence also ensures the content is personalized for each user based on choices and preferences.

Check out the ‘spotted’ section and ‘Gossip Corner’ plus ‘Celeb feed’ which shows any fan gossip about your ‘fave’ celeb as it happens and see what other fans around the world are saying…

More importantly enjoy Snazzy and all of its new features, plus watch out for upcoming new releases…


“Sharing Celebrity Lifestyle”